Born in the greater Quebec City area on Dec. 28th 1960, Serge is a self-taught painter and sculptor. His work is much in the style of Quebec folk art.

He started his art as a way to find inner healing after a divorce and the tragic deaths of two of his brothers. His work reflects his visionary way of seeing God as power, energy and light. This is expressed in his colour schemes, the use of sun flowers, and the “vine” type motives covering the “open” spaces in his carvings... the “vines” reflecting the flow of energy. 

The topics of his paintings and carvings often relate to his family history, his life, his life experiences and his spirituality.

His works include the painting of murals. The best known, and representing one of the largest murals in Canada, can be found in Pembroke’s City Hall.

As of 2012 Serge resides in Kingston, Ontario Canada.



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